The Splendor Hotel—Taichung is located in the hub of Taichung’s most prosperous commercial district. No matter where you come from, please allow us to provide you with our excellent services to help you enjoy your stay in Taichung, a city filled with creativity and cultural attractions!

With 222 refined and comfortable guest rooms, 3 international gourmet restaurants, a coffee shop, a cigar bar, a multistoried large banquet hall, an eastern club that cost tens of millions of dollars to build and an outdoor, temperature-controlled sky pool, the Splendor provides you with the carefree comfort of being at home as well as all kinds of fine services to create an unforgettably happy living and dining experience. Enjoy yours tour without burden, the Splendor Taichung is your best choice.

This is the only five-star hotel that free shuttle bus stop by and convenient to reach Taichung’s High Speed Rail station.
Just take a 5-minute walk away from the National Museum of Natural science, the Botanical Garden,
SOGO Taichung and ParkLane by CMP.
If want to go to see more stuff, we do offer free biking service. And you can complete closer to Taichung’s culture (National Taiwan Museum of fine Arts, Feng-Chia Night Market, Art Garden ,ext…..)
Also satisfying all your convenient dining , shopping, living and touring needs in the Shortest amount of time.

Exit off Taichung Interchange (Taichung/Shalu) and drive towards downtown along Taiwan Boulevard making a left at Jiansin Rd. Approximately a 10-minute driving distance.
THSR Free Shuttle Bus Service
1. Come out from Exit #5 or #6 at the lobby level of HSR Taichung Station and take the escalator to the bus terminal on the 1st floor.
2. Come out from Exit #6 to take the THSR Shuttle Bus at bus platform #13 and get off at the Splendor Hotel Taichung Station, which is very close to SOGO Department Store. (Bus route direction: HSR Taichung -- China Medical University, Taiwan—Taichung Park)
3. Bus service operates from 7:35AM to 00:10PM and departs every 15 minutes. It will take about 30 minutes to Taichung city.
It takes around 30 minutes to reach the hotel by taxi. The Taxi fare will be approximately NT$300.
Please ride on any one of the routes 300-308, and get off at National Museum Of Natural Science
Please ride on route 302. and got off at National Museum Of Natural Science
It takes around 30 minutes to reach the hotel by taxi. The Taxi fee will be approximately NT$500.