The Splendor Hotel-Taichung

11F Wedding ballroom, Conference ballroom

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11F Wedding ballroom, Conference ballroom

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04-2324 6088

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04-2329 2425

The Splendor hotel features a ballroom called ‘The Olympus’ which is three meters high, covers an area of 258 m² and can accommodate up to 550 people. Besides tables, chairs and corridors, the Olympus also features a stage, red carpet, and the possibility for large conferences and banquets. Even then there is still plenty of space to move around.

Taking a closer look at the Olympus ballroom interior reveals matte gold walls with a checkered floor. No matter what the occasion is: a dynamic exhibition, a ceremony, a forum meeting, an exhibition or a wedding celebration, it is all possible in the Olympus ballroom. The Olympus ballroom, as its name suggest, with its magnificence, will provide you with a wonderful and spacious venue experience.


11F Wedding  ballroom, Conference ballroom